Week Zero Training Materials
I volunteered to share all of my SSCC ANGEL: An Introduction (for students) course materials at our last ELC meeting in Yakima. And though I'm not completely finished with it yet, am I ever? - I hope to have much of its content finished/uploaded by the end of this weekend. I'm eager to see what everyone else has to share, too!

Sara Newman, SSCC ELC,

Below is a zipped Angel module I created for instructors to load into their Angel classrooms as an orientation for their students (we still do not have a campus-wide student orientation program). This module also includes student services information specific to CPTC, and so will need to be modified for your school. We house this module on our institutional LOR, then faculty can choose to copy or link.

Angel Orientation for Students.zip

Kelley L. Meeusen, CPTC, ELC

Faculty Start/End of Quarter Check List - Everett Community College
This needs to be updated, but you get the idea.