Committee Members: Monica Luce, Vicki Sievert, Claver H., Tom Jacobs, Cable Green

  • open textbooks / courseware
  • LOR to store open education resources
  • CC BY licensing
  • ... as they apply to our CTC system

LOR Starting Ideas:
  1. Our goal is to share, openly ... with everyone in the world.
  2. LMS is shifting ... many colleges in system will move LMS in the next few years... so using ANGEL LOR may not be the best LOR -- because we don't want to build an LOR and then move it.

What this sub-committee will do re: LOR
  1. Connexions is the recommended system LOR.
  2. Sub-committee will organize professional development on how to use CNX and its lenses.
  3. SBCTC will use CNX as the repository to store CC BY licensed materials created through the new SBCTC "open licensing" policy.
  4. Sub-committee will work with SBCTC and CNX on integration with the next system LMS.
  5. SBCTC will join and be active in the CNX consortium -- voting seat to help guide software functionality.