Directions: please contribute questions you believe will help us build a needs basis/knowledge basis data review of all of colleges for implementing training and use of a system based and/or global repository. Use the areas below to focus your questions ideas. Feel free to create any other categories of questions you think will add to our data collection.


1. Please describe the different types of digital resources you use in your courses?
2. Are you willing to share any of your curriculum ideas and/or digital content with other faculty at your college, around the state, and/or with the world?
3. What types of electronic resources would you like to see in a state / global Learning Object Repository (LOR)?
4. What type of functionality would you like to see in a state / global LOR?
5. What type of professional development would you need to learn how to use a state / global LOR?
6. What is your best and worst experience when trying to use an online repository or digital library?
7. Do you think you would take advantage of others shared content globally, at the state level, or just withing your own college?
8. Do you think online resources are reliable and accurate?
9. Have you contributed your digital content to a repository with the intention of sharing with others? Please describe your experience.
10. If you have not shared your digital content with others, please describe why.


1. What types of electronic resources do you have available for faculty at your college? Library digital resources? Federated search options on other digital repositories?
2. Would you be willing to help manage a state wide LOR for faculty?
3. What do you think your faculty need in a state wide LOR?
4. What do you think will be the benefits and the the barriers to putting a state wide LOR in place for our colleges?
5. Would you be willing to put your information into a standardized metadata form before uploading it into the LOR?





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