3. Technology literacy tutoring

Work Group Leader: Stan Horton, Email: SHorton@ghc.edu
Work Group Secretary: Claver Hategekimana, Email: CHategekimana@wvc.edu
SBCTC lead: Connie B., Email: CBroughton@sbctc.edu
IC Rep: John Backes, Email: JBackes@shoreline.edu

  • Work with LMDC to expand student tutoring to include technology literacy. This tutoring may take place in libraries, eLearning offices, etc.

eTutoring Technology literacy: eLC 2011-2012 Work Plan

  • Technology Literacy Definition: combine academic skills learning outcomes with technology literacy learning outcomes


  • Include the research related to this concept and provide draft product including specific areas where tutoring services are needed in eLearning environments in prioritized order (first, second, third tier levels)

  • Include a work plan that provides a distribution across the ctc’s for providing the content

  • Delivered product for local campus customization April, 2012

Some specifics:
Goal: Improve distance learning through etutoring students
Specific research questions:
  • What type of technologies distance students need help with?
  • What are the basic skills they need to use those technologies?
  • What tutoring options colleges provide to address those skills?
  • What are success and challenges with those options?