• Jill Weber
  • Cynthia Foreman
  • Renee Carney
  • “TP” Perry
  • (Connie Broughton)
  • Rick McKinnon
  • Mark Reisman

  • Developing a collection of best practices

Fall Meeting Goals:

  • Pick 1 or 2 people to lead this group
  • Is your charge appropriate? Does it need to be modified?
  • Plan professional development activity for Fall Meeting
    • I'd like to see some sort of team building/leadership activity that we can do in the afternoon on Monday. Alternately, it would be at the beginning or end of our business meeting on Tuesday - I'd defer to you
  • You'll have a 1 hour work session during the Fall meeting. Please have a tentative agenda for that time for me to add to the main agenda by October 8. One thing you'll probably want to do is brainstorm professional development activities for the Winter and Spring meetings.

10-26-10 Fall Meeting
  • Charge ourselves with developing an "eLearning Business Model" focusing on
    • staff and responsibilities
    • resources available, state or self purchased
    • fees (retained or ....)
    • FTE (E, H, O)
    • budget model
  • Action
    • utilize the wiki to develop and design survey questions
    • utilize already collected data (ie. fees)
    • Meet via elluminate in December and possibly January
    • use the February ELC meeting for clarifying questions and data
    • Design the survey (possibly using survey monkey)
      • Connie Broughton will build the survey by March 1 and shared with the subcomittee.
      • Then it will be distributed across the ELC listserv by the second week in March
      • Then summarized and shared out at the spring meeting

Question Ideas

Please do not erase or edit questions, write your suggested question or changes just below the question or add additional questions to the bottom. This way we can converse later on all possibilities!

1. What does the personnel hierarchy look like in your eLearning department?

2. What are the specific responsibilities of each position?

3. What technology tools does your eLearning department currently purchase for staff and faculty use?

4. What technology tools are used regularly on your campus that are not purchased by your budget and how is this possible? (state, donation, free source, etc)

5. How are fees applied to your Online, Hybrid, Enhanced, Informational courses?

6. Are the fees retained for your eLearning department? Why are your fees distributed the way they are? How are they spent?

7. What is your annual FTE for Online, Hybrid, Enhanced, Informational courses? (annual FTE is calculated by taking the total of the four quarters and dividing them by 3)

8. Please share your budget outline for the 2009-2010 year and the 2010-2011 year. What strategies/budget projections are you planning for 2011-2013? What strategic changes did you make and why?

9. How has the make-up of elearning staff changed as elearning enrollments continue to grow? (more or fewer people? different skills?)

10. How do elearning issues get discussed or decisions get made on your campus?