Open Educational Resources
  • Monica Luce
  • Vicki Sievert
  • Kelley L. Meeusen
  • Claver Hategekimana
  • Tim Fuhrman
  • Tom Jacobs
  • Leslie Wallace
  • Sandi Madsen
  • (Cable Green)
  • (Tom Caswell)


Fall Meeting Goals:

  • Pick 1 or 2 people to lead this group. Let me know this by October 1
  • Is your charge appropriate? Does it need to be modified?
  • You'll have a 1 hour work session during the Fall meeting. Please have a tentative agenda for that time for me to add to the main agenda by October 8.


  • Connexions training for OER committee in Elluminate

  • Set up Lens and skin (at least skeleton)

  • Move content from ANGEL LORs

  • Have instructors currently involved in ANGEL LORs test Lens

  • Use their experiences as basis for developing training to move OER forward and expand.

  • Develop structure for permanent OER subcommittee at eLC

  • Communication Plan (maybe): @OERWACTC -- blog, twitter, FB (discussed @ 2/4/11 meeting)